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A fun way to organize and attend weddings!  Keeping track of the guests, venues, timing - will all be a thing of the past now. 
Get WedHaven now and only focus on enjoying the next wedding in your circle - we'll take care of everything else!
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So, what is WedHaven?

If you've got weddings on your mind, or are worried about any of things below, think no more. WedHaven will help you manage all your wedding troubles, while ensuring all YOU focus on, is FUN!

Going crazy managing it all?

From invites and RSVPs to events and updates, WedHaven is a complete package for your D-Day worries!

Last minute venue change?

Printed your cards and got a location change? Simply update the event details on the app and easily notify your guests.

Lost guest headcount?

Missed inviting someone or sweet boxes running low? Keep track of all your guests with our RSVP feature and manage costs efficiently.

Announce bride's arrival?

The bride is entering or cake cutting's starting? Keep guests abuzz with a simple notification!

Lost baraatis?

Baraatis missing? Just enable the baraat tracking feature and have them join you anywhere, anytime!

Unlimited guest queries?

Provide all wedding information on the app once, and no more guest calls for event locations or timings!

Need a helping hand?

Add your friends and cousins to help you manage the wedding and share the fun and load!

Managing/attending multiple weddings?

Losing track of the multiple weddings of the season? With WedHaven, keep track of everything on a single platform!

Still not convinced?

Create groups, send invites, collect rsvps, post custom updates, share special pre-wedding moments, and much more. Just give it a try!

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No more wedding tension, get WedHaven.