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About WedHaven

"Dad, when is bua arriving? Mom, what time is the haldi ceremony? Uncle, how many more invites do we need? Dude, where are the drinks?"
Ever been frustrated with questions like these while hosting or attending a wedding ceremony? We are right there with you and have a solution for the weddings-to-come.

WedHaven is a smart wedding management application that saves you the hassle of managing your wedding by making it more fun. With a user-friendly interface, it lays all wedding-related information in detail with real-time notifications, keeping the guests informed and reducing the hosts' stress. After all, weddings are all about creating unforgettable and memorable experiences by not missing out on the enjoyment!

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The Founders' Story

 Rishika Agarwal and Navam Gupta are next-gen couple-preneurs, who starting with a Bachelors in Information Technology from India, went on to pursue their passion for Computer Science, with a masters from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. The charm of Silicon Valley combined with their love for technology, drew them to the San Francisco bay area, where they gained valuable experience for several years. 

#Navrish tied the knot in 2014, attended several of their friends’ weddings over the years and started noticing a pattern. There was too much hassle and chaos during weddings, where guests are clueless about events and timings, while the hosts are losing sleep about a zillion other things. In fact, it was during their own wedding, when they first witnessed the problem of Baraati's getting lost due to lack of information and communication. Couple that with other incidences, wherein during a destination wedding, they were constantly being disturbed by the hotel staff with wedding updates, while taking a nap. But the eureka moment came to them when they just couldn’t keep tab on a friend's wedding activities and keeping up with weddings was becoming a nightmare. They realized having the right kind of support and tools at their disposal will make things easier and way more fun for those hosting and attending the wedding. Thus, the idea to conceptualize WedHaven – a wedding management app was born, and brought #Navrish back home to turn it into a reality!

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Our Awesome Team

Kasturika Ramamoorthy
Designer | Blogger | Storyteller
Sustainability Crusader | Digital nomad

A design consultant by profession, Kasturika loves storytelling. Having traveled extensively, she is curious about different perspectives of the world and strings them together in her narrative – to tell stories of people, places and ideas.

Gaurav Chandra
Web | Mobile | IoT Developer
Dependable | Transparent Dealing

Gaurav is a Freelance Mobile Application Developer. He is a pro at building Hybrid Android & iOS Mobile Apps for companies and individuals around the world with a deep understanding of the mobile ecosystem.

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