Destination Wedding Costs & How to Plan It In a Budget

From Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma to Priyanka Chopra, celebs are making their weddings viral. What’s stopping you? After all, a destination wedding adds to the charm of the whole preparation. 

With destination weddings, you can spend a long holiday with friends and family preparing for a grand celebration. The preparation process is pretty long because you must consider several things like caterers, vendors, dresses, makeup, florists, and more. Why fret when we are here to guide you?

Destination Weddings Are Not Always About The Grandeur!

Everyone has this pre-destined notion whenever they hear about the term ‘destination wedding,’ they think it will be a very costly affair and only uber-rich families can afford destination weddings. However, a destination wedding means conducting your marriage at a unique yet beautiful venue. It can be a beautiful mountain top of India or a beach view resort within the country, or it can also be the plaza in your city. 

You can plan a destination wedding in multiple ways, too, within a limited budget. The whole process cannot be over within a day in a destination wedding. If you pack everything up within a day, you may face some loss as it will be more expensive. 

Nooks and Hooks of a Budget Destination Wedding!

If you want to plan a destination wedding that within a budget, you must remember some points, and those are:

Getting a clear view: 

Get a clear view of things you want in your wedding and plan accordingly. Considering every little detail is necessary because a simple change might lead to a completely different plan for the whole wedding. 

The location of the function: 

The destination wedding can be anywhere you choose it to be. So, you can either go to your dream place and arrange something small to keep it under budget or go somewhere affordable and get everything you want.

Time and season: 

Most weddings occur at a particular time in the year. You need to take care of everything early because if you are late, everything in the wedding season will get out of hand and be too costly. 

Stay and Travel:

The next thing to consider is the travel costs for you and everyone you are taking with you. Besides the travel cost, you also need to consider the stay cost of all the participants in the wedding. You can save some money by choosing budget-friendly traveling mediums and places where you are going to stay.

You will also have to look into other factors, like the long list of guests and whether you want to make it an intimate event or extravagant. It will decide your budget. After that comes the vendors, makeup artists, florists, dressers, and so on, which also determines how far your budget will rise.

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