12 Best Music Tracks For Your Wedding Video Trailer

Your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life. You want it to be enchanting and exquisite. We can capture our complete wedding journey in video format in the modern era. It helps us to relive the beautiful moments. 

Choosing Music For Your Wedding Video

When it comes to making a wedding video, it is apparent that you need apt music tracks that will go well with your wedding video. Usually, wedding videos are long because Indian wedding ceremonies involve multiple rituals. So, the final wedding video might be long enough. 

It is sensible to have a wedding trailer for the entire marriage ceremony that will be the prologue to the actual video.

Create A Sensation Before The Release Of The Wedding Video With These Wedding Video Trailer Songs

The choice of music for the trailer is crucial as it will set the mood for the upcoming video. Firstly, you need to think about the vibe of the wedding video, and then, you should select a song for the trailer that will match the pulse of the ceremonial footage. We have a few suggestive songs that might go well with your wedding video trailer.

Go For These Songs, If You Want A Romantic Vibe!

Are you a hopeless romantic? Then, these songs should be on the cover of your wedding video trailer:

Get A Romantic Vibe For Your Wedding Video Trailer With These Songs
  1. Use the title track from the movie Dhadak. It is a slow-paced song and is quite romantic. The crescendo of high notes in the song is ethereal.
  2. The song Hum Jo Chalne Lage from the movie Jab We Met is perfect as it reflects the beginning of a meaningful journey. It is a medium-paced song, and the music is quite good.
  3. You can also use the Song Tu Jo Mila from Bajrangi Bhaijaan, though in the cinema, the context was different, but it is also meaningful for a couple.
  4. If you are a diehard romantic and want your wedding trailer to reflect that, you can choose Moh Moh ke Dhaage from Dum Laga ke Haisha.
  5. Go for Pani da Rang from Vicky Donor if you have a soft corner for the Punjabi romantic song.
  6. You cannot go wrong with Saajda from My Name is Khan if a romantic touch is what you want.

Party Hard With These Tracks

If you are a party animal, you must go for these songs:

Party Animals Can Use These Songs For Their Wedding Video Trailer
  1. The song Passori from Coke Studio has been a huge hit, and you can use the music for your wedding trailer video.
  2. You can invoke a party vibe with the Tareefan song by Badshah.
  3. Laung da Lashkara from Patiala House is another peppy number to set the mood for your wedding video.

Invoke The Retro Vibes With These Numbers!

Make the elderly couples in your family feel nostalgic. Use these numbers for the cover of your wedding video trailer:

Reflect Your Class With These Songs For Your Wedding Video Trailer Cover
  1. Go retro with classics, like Tum aa Gaye Ho from Aandhi.
  2. Another classical piece that can be the cover music for your wedding trailer is Aap ki Nazron ne samjha. Retro songs are often remade, and modern versions use a variety of musical instruments to make the music more appealing.

Find The Cover Music In Regional Folk

From Latte Di Chaddar to Din Shanga Da to Kesariya Balam to Leelabali, Indian folks have several numbers that would give the perfect vibe to your wedding video trailer.

Be Grounded To The Roots With These Songs For Your Wedding Video Trailer Cover

No matter what song you choose, it is crucial that you feel that it is the perfect one for your wedding trailer.

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