Know These 10 Unique Wedding Themes to Make Your Big Day Stand Out!

Wedding season is here. How do you plan to celebrate it? Do you have some wedding themes in mind? If not, we have some ideas to help you select the perfect theme for your wedding. So, are you ready?

Let us help you with the unique wedding theme.

Tips To Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

Do you want to make your wedding day memorable? Try incorporating unique themes. Here are some unique ideas to make your wedding day unforgettable. Let’s have a look at them:

The Royal Rajputana

Rajasthani theme has luxury at its core. Heavy traditional jewelry and eye-catching embroidered lehengas are a must for this theme. You can also opt for a royal venue for the occasion.

Get decked up for a Royal Rajput wedding

The traditional and artistic decoration of the venue resonates with the colorful style of the Rajput gharana. So, if you love a highly ornate and bright color palette, this wedding theme combines traditional artistry with heavy embroidery and embellishments.

Sustainable Theme

It is an emerging trend. Moreover, it is significant for people concerned about the week-long wedding function’s environmental impact. This theme involves using eco-friendly practices and materials for arranging the wedding.

Go green with the sustainable theme

Nawabi Theme

The Nawabs were known for their patronage of art and music. Pastel or lighter shades are better suited for this theme. However, the jewelry and makeup remain on the heavier side. Add thumri and ghazal music to enhance the wedding.

Go for heavy jewelries if you are embracing the Nawabi theme.

Antique Theme

It is all about going old school, from decor to dressing. You can have antique chandeliers and tables for the guest area. The styling of dresses according to a past era gives this theme an old yet stunning vibe.

Embrace the antique theme.

Traditional Theme

Indian weddings are all about rituals and customs performed as per our traditions. Following one’s tradition cannot be out of fashion in any era. Hence, if you love the tradition, go for this theme and enjoy your big day.

Follow the tradition if you love them to the core.

Pastel Theme

Most Indian weddings are about bright hues with adequate pomp and glamor, but nowadays, couples prefer a muted palette for their wedding celebrations. Pastel shades are trending. Moreover, this theme has an understated, eye-soothing decor that is refreshing.

Pastel is the new red, so embrace them in your wedding theme.

Tell A Fairytale

Do you love fairytales? Then you must embrace this theme. If you love fairy tales that encapsulate the idea of happily ever after, you can use a wedding theme based on your favorite fairytale.

Let Cinderella find her Prince Charming on her Wedding Day while embracing the Fairytale Theme for her wedding.

Bollywood Theme

Indians love Bollywood, and there are so many great couple moments that Bollywood has gifted us through songs and movies. If you are a die-hard Bollywood fan, this wedding theme will be the best for you. From Raj Kapoor to Shahrukh Khan, you have all the tales of love and romance you can showcase in your wedding theme.

If you are a Bollywood fanatic, make it a theme for your wedding.

Rural Theme

It is apt for those couples who have ties to the rural community or are in awe of the simplistic and serene village life. You can include the rustic theme in your decor with earthenware and style, keeping this theme in mind. You can include the rustic theme in your decor with earthenware and style, keeping this theme in mind.

Go back to your roots with the rural theme.

Minimalistic And Modern Wedding

If you want to keep traditions and opulent functions at bay, you can choose to have a private and non-traditional wedding in a personal setup such as a garden lawn or rooftop. Makeup can be minimal, and food can be hearty but minimal.

If you want to embrace simplicity on your wedding day, embrace the minimalist theme.


So, which theme are you embracing on your wedding day? Whatever you choose, we wish you a happy marriage day and a happily-ever-after life with your partner.

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