These Unique Wedding Themes Will Make Your Big Day One In All!

Weddings are a big deal in India, and choosing a wedding is the most challenging task. A wedding venue sets the mood for your wedding and also can influence how guests feel on your big day.

Some Mesmerizing Wedding Themes

A great wedding venue with the perfect theme can make your wedding memorable. We are here with some picture-perfect and mesmerizing wedding themes that will surely make heads turn.

A Royal Affair

Imagine getting married between the magnificent walls of a palace! Indian Weddings are all about royalty and grandeur. You can go for a rustic old building or a destination wedding at Udaipur. Either way, nothing can beat the splendor of a Royal Wedding.

Create a royal affair

The Beach Delight

Create your fairytale wedding amidst the whispering waves and gentle breeze. Choose a beachfront location for the wedding and decorate the venue with soft tones like blues and greens. Go for a seafood-themed dinner and cocktails served in coconut shells. 

Go for a beach wedding

Bollywood Beats

We all have grown up watching and enjoying desi Bollywood weddings. Plan a full-on Bollywood-themed wedding with extravagant celebrations, colorful decorations, and loads of dancing on top Bollywood numbers! 

Embrace the Bollywood theme

Hilltop Paradise

If you are a mountain lover, a hilltop wedding would be perfect for you. Go for a dreamy wedding while enjoying the serenity and calmness of the hills. Go for shades of whites and blues for decor. This heavenly wedding will surely wow your guests!

Be on the top of the world on your Big Day!

Wilderness Treat

Plan your dreamy wedding inside an enchanted forest and indulge in the sounds of the wild. Decorate your venue with tons of white and yellow fairy lights. Exchanging vows amidst the rustling of the leaves and the earthy scent of the forest sounds magical.

Feel the wilderness on your D-Day!

Bohemian Beauty

Bohemian-themed weddings look rustic and gorgeous. Choose a countryside location. Think creative handmade stuff and flowers for decor. Feel the freshness of the countryside and the slow breeze as you vow to spend the rest of your lives together.

Be Bohemian on your wedding day

Cultural Heritage

Celebrate your union by embracing your roots and culture. Plan a minimal yet elegant wedding in your ancestral home and amongst the blessing of your loved ones. It is the perfect way to celebrate your culture and give tribute to your ancestors.

Stay rooted to your ancestral home

Candlelight Romance

If you’re planning a night wedding, this candlelight-themed wedding would be perfect! Decorate your venue in hues of red and gold. Light up the place with candles or Diyas (if you want to go for something traditional) and celebrate extravagantly.

Create a grand wedding with candles


Plan an eco-friendly and chic wedding to celebrate love and sustainability. You can choose botanical gardens or organic farms for the venue. Use recycled materials for decor. Use eco-friendly materials for dining. Showing your love for nature is a beautiful way to start your new life.

Give back to nature! Be eco-friendly.

All Things Gold

We Indians are obsessed with gold. A gold-themed wedding looks grand, majestic, and gorgeous! Think white and gold for decorations. This classic white and gold-themed wedding can never go out of style. 

Create an aura with gold theme


So, what will be your wedding theme? No matter which theme you go for, we wish you nothing but happiness and love till eternity.

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