Embrace Emotion and Style With These Antique Jewellery

“Kehte hai shaadi mein agar pyar banaye rakhna hai toh do cheezein bahut zaroori hoti hai … pati ki haar aur heeron ka haar”

Do you recognize this dialogue from the Bollywood movie Table No.21? Isn’t it apt for so many women who love jewelry? And what’s a wedding without the wedding jewelry? Especially for us Indians, wedding jewelry is an emotion. It is every woman’s Stree-Dhan! So, settling for just the diamonds is not enough. You need more!

Aesthetic Capture the Centre

Remember, in Indian weddings, aesthetics and sophistication always take center stage. Whether it is the wedding venue or the couple’s attire, everything reflects the essence of a grand tradition. On your big day, you can create a captivating blend of modern and traditional aesthetics with Antique jewelry pieces.

You see, antique jewelry isn’t just accessories but symbols of grace, beauty, and heritage. From classic rings and Jhumkas to your grandma’s gorgeous necklace, antique jewelry has endless potential to help you steal the show.

Their intricate designs and shimmering gemstones are part of the cherished memories of different generations connected with love. Hence, Indian brides always cherish these antique jewelry pieces.

From Konkona Sen Sharma to Sonam Kapoor, Bollywood actresses have donned their grandmother’s or mother’s jewelry on their most auspicious occasions of life. After all, these jewelry pieces help you create lasting memories while also honoring your heritage.

Konkona Sen Sharma wearing her grandmother's jewelry for her wedding.

Let’s Deck Up for Your D-Day with these Antique Jewelry Pieces!

Here is a list of antique Jewelry trends for brides that will make you stand out at your wedding –

Antique Layered Necklace: The jewelry for brides that never left the trend for centuries is a layered necklace. These necklaces generally have two layers. The top looks like a choker, while the other part is a long necklace. However, the antique pearl, Kundan, or gold necklaces create a cascading effect. You may choose the pendant style, considering the neckline of your blouse.

Vintage Jhumka: A vintage Jhumka will become the perfect accessory if you want to keep your necklace simple on your special day. Since Jhumkas are versatile, you don’t need to worry about matching them with your wedding dress. If it’s coming from your family heirloom, then its timeless appeal will also give you a chance to carry the blessings of your loved ones.

Hairpiece: In Bollywood period movies, you might have noticed gorgeous antique hairpieces. A heavy antique hairpin in the middle of the bun or loosely tied hair will add sophistication to your bridal look. If you wear a Dupatta to cover your head, you may also wear antique Jhumka earrings with hair chains.

Antique rings: Why stay stuck at minimalist diamond or gold rings when you can complete your look with stacked-up antique rings? You may choose the classic ring with a big jewel in the middle. They will compliment your heavy bangles or “Chura.”

Temple Jewelry: The elegance of queens and princesses is stored in the beauty of the Temple Jewelry. Inspired by the jewelry from the eras of Rajas and Maharajas, these pieces add a sense of regality to your bridal lehenga or saree. These jewelry sets are crafted with gold, silver, Kundan, emerald, pearl, diamond, and other stones and are perfect for auspicious events like weddings.

Navratna Jewelry: The nine gemstones used in the Navratna Jewelry represent different celestial bodies. Navratna Jewelry is considered auspicious in Indian tradition as the pieces are believed to bring cosmic energy and ensure the well-being of the newlyweds. For an offbeat yet antique look on your pre-wedding or reception, adorn your look with Navratna Jewelry pieces.

Meenakari Earpiece: Meenakari came to India with the Mughals from Persia, and the intricate designs of Meenakari jewelry captivated India Royalty in no time. Glam up your look on your wedding day with the floral and plant patterns and peacock designs of a Meenakari earpiece.

Polki set: These are a favorite of fashion enthusiasts these days, and you might have seen them in Bollywood movie weddings. Their grandeur and charm can brighten up even the simple outfits. If aiming for a distinctive and traditional get-up, pair your wedding ensemble with a vibrant Polki set.

Final Words

Who said old is boring? At least, when it comes to antique jewelry pieces, they are always enchanting. The timeless pieces from your family heirloom can bring fun and flair to your bridal attire. Feel like a queen on your wedding day as the timeless elegance of these antique jewelry pieces reflects your individuality and the majesty of tradition.

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