Ultimate Mehndi Designs For Brides & Bridesmaids!

You have probably heard numerous times, “Mehndi ka rang gehra hota hein, pyar jaise.” Like tons of Bollywood movie wedding songs are incomplete without the Mehndi song, any Indian wedding celebration is dull and colorless without the Mehndi. But, the biggest test is to choose the perfect Mehndi design. 

Whether you take inspiration from Bollywood brides like Anushka and Deepika or stick to the classic element with quirky additions, your mehndi should add a Sprinkle of Joy to your wedding extravaganza.

Here are 10+ trending mehndi designs for the brides and their fabulous squad of bridesmaids:

  1. Minimalist Design:

Everyone was sipping on Anushka Sharma’s bridal attire and makeup, but did you notice how she kept her mehndi minimal to match the theme? Minimalistic mehndi designs are getting popular with millennial brides. The designs feature small flowers, vines, leaves, and other tiny patterns. It helps create a perfect balance between elegance and simplicity.

2. Haath Phool Henna pattern:

Haath Phool Mehndi’s design draws inspiration from the jewelry resembling a hand chain. The pattern uses floral, leafy motifs adorning the fingers and wrists, creating a sophisticated and glamorous look.

3. Mesh Style Design:

This is one of the classic mehndi designs that never left the trend. Delicate lines and teeny elements are teamed with floral motifs, geometric shapes, or vine designs to create a mesh-like structure.

4. Rhinestone-studded Designs:

When Indian weddings have so much sparkle, nothing can go wrong if you wish to add more, right? These trendy designs use gemstones and rhinestones on traditional mehndi patterns to elevate their look. This pattern stole the spotlight after Mira Rajput Kapoor chose a rhinestone-studded ankle mehndi design for her wedding.

5. Floral Designs:

Floral Mehndi is possibly the most popular choice for bridal mehndi; big roses, lotus, abstract flowers with leafy and vine motifs, and Arabic floral Mehndi motifs are incorporated widely in classical Indian Wedding mehndi designs. However, the present-day trend is homing flowers like tulips and daffodils in Jaali or classic floral mandala designs.

6. Using Your Personalized Elements:

If you are a fan of personalized things, Priyanka Chopra’s mehndi design possibly captivated you. She added small details in her mehndi that were significant to her. Hence, you would see uncommon elements like Trishul, Cross, guitar beside peacock, flowers, and other traditional motifs to include their stories in her mehndi. You can also use your favorite flowers, memories from your first meeting, or zodiacs of your partner on your mehndi to personalize it.

7. Traditional Spherical Pattern:

The classic mehndi design that always retains a single bit of its popularity includes the traditional spherical pattern. This design uses intricate circular motifs that center the whole mehndi design.

8. Couple Portraits:

This trend of using couple portraits in Mehndi is new and is taking social media by storm. Add your portrait with your beau to infuse personalization in traditional henna design and make the lasting memory of the special day even more special. Don’t you think your partner will feel sentimental seeing their portrait on your palm?

9. Boho Design:

Though this is not a classical style, present-day brides often prefer quirky styles and create a unique style with elements like Dreamcatcher, Jharoka, and peacock motifs. You may also add intricate mandala patterns to highlight the bohemian style of your mehndi.

10. Intricate Designs Going Up to Your Elbow:

If you are fond of the traditional mehndi style, you can also follow the mehndi style of Deepika Padukone. These designs often feature small floral motifs, Arabic designs, and geometric patterns that create a balanced blend of simplicity and sophistication.

11. Incorporating Classical Elements:

Mehndi can become a celebration of ethnic roots for the Indian brides. Hence, there are some widely used patterns and elements that are deeply rooted in Indian culture. Lotus, elephant, peacock, and shehnai can be seen in elaborate patterns, celebrating craftsmanship and traditional identity.

Mehndi is not just an art created out of henna. They speak a lot of stories. Hence, wedding mehndi designs are the tale of love and relationship woven with the designs to reflect the cultural and traditional identity. If your wedding is around the corner and you cannot decide which trend to go with so that your and your bridesmaids’s mehndi designs can add an extra charm to the celebration, take a look at the present trend. Don’t forget to consider your personal taste and jewelry choice while finalizing your Mehndi designs!

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