Styling Tips for Grooms: A 101 Guide

All eyes will be on you and your bride on the wedding day. Hence, it’s natural for you to want to look your best on this special occasion. However, choosing the outfit or your accessories before you say ‘I do’ to your Sapno Ki Dulhaniya is a big decision! It also requires considering your personal style and the wedding aesthetics. Plus, you will definitely want to pick something you will love looking back at in your wedding album for years to come. So, looking for some styling tips for grooms ahead of your D-day? Scroll below to see all the things we have in store for you!

Match Your Wedding Attire with the Formality

The groom’s attire should be appropriate for the wedding venue. It means you must make sure your outfit matches the event’s dress code. For example, you must arrive wearing a tuxedo or a black sherwani if the dress code is black tie. You can also take into consideration the season and whether you will be having an indoor or outdoor wedding. A casual, light-coloured suit would be appropriate if your wedding is outdoors in the summer. Moreover, you should wear a well-tailored suit or tuxedo if you have chosen more formal venues, like a ballroom.

Wear Outfits That Compliment Your Body Type

Dressing for your respective body type is the key to looking sharp and smart on your wedding day. For instance, suits and tuxedos will compliment your frame if you are a tall and slim groom. Whereas, a double-breasted suit can help you achieve an amazing look if you would like to look broader. Then we have fitted, dark-coloured suits slightly snatched at the waist for grooms who would like to appear leaner. You can also choose a two or three-buttoned jacket with a low button stance if you would like to appear a little taller.

Coordinate Your Wedding Attire With the Bride

What better occasion than your wedding to show all guests your unique style as a couple? So, make sure to use this opportunity to create an exquisite look that exudes elegance when you are standing together with your bride. For instance, you should wear a formal outfit if your partner is doing the same. The same applies to color coordinations. You can opt for pastel colors and other blooming shades if you want to break the tradition of wearing ‘only’ red during weddings!

Coordinate With the Groomsmen

Yes, we agree that a groom’s outfit does not always have to match with his groomsmen perfectly. Yet, what’s wrong in choosing outfits that compliment each other, right? In fact, you can create a separate theme for yourself along with your groomsmen during the wedding day. Make sure to select a cohesive style for your groomsmen to have a more refined look and steal the show in no time!

Stand Out by Using Accessories

It’s time to decide on accessories once all the outfits have been selected for you, your bride, and your groomsmen. But wait! Make sure everyone feels confident in their attire, too. Your groomsmen can wear black bow ties and black vests for formal affairs. Whereas you can opt to wear white accessories instead for a contrasting look. You can also incorporate the color scheme of your wedding into your outfit by matching the bow tie, or even your pocket square. You can also go for the classic Maharaja look by choosing some dainty necklaces and a royal turban embellished with pearls and stones. 

Our Final Thoughts

We agree that putting together an Indian wedding is definitely not a simple task. Your preparations can take months, and can drive the most organized of individuals up the wall. Then  comes the main occasion when you need to amp up your style (very much like your fiancé!). So, make sure to follow the style tips for grooms mentioned in this guide and ace the show as you take the Baaraat to your Dulhaniya’s place.

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