Be Eco-Friendly, Be Wise, With Sustainable Wedding Fashion!

Aaj mere pas bungla hain, gadi hain, bank balance hain, kya hai tumhare paas?”

“…Mere paas. . ..” Sustainable Fashion Hain!

It will help me save money, protect and preserve the environment, and help me look like a Diva on my wedding day. So, now tell me, what more do I need? 

Remember, whether you have a simple wedding or you arrange a grand social event, at the center will be you and your would-be decked up in the best possible attire. Of course, how can you miss your friends and family? They must don their D-glam outfit to match the vibe of the event. But won’t it be too expensive! Just go for sustainable wedding fashion. It won’t hurt your pockets!

So, are you ready to know a bit more about sustainable fashion? Don’t stop reading then!

What is the meaning of sustainable fashion?

Did you see Alia Bhatt’s recent Diwali pics where she wore a blush pink lehenga? That lehenga promotes sustainable fashion because the fabric is entirely made of waste materials.

Alia Bhatt Embracing Sustainable Fashion.

Indeed, the fashion industry focuses on clothes and accessories. However, the carbon footprint of products has become a cause for concern. Wasted fabric and fabrics that are not easily biodegradable can upset the ecological balance in the long run. Sustainable fashion aims to forge a better relationship between humankind and the Earth. 

Sustainable clothing is about reducing carbon footprint while ensuring fewer toxin productions from the garment factories. Designers opting for sustainable fashion not only opt for organic fabrics but aim to create minimal wastage. Animal products are generally not used by sustainable fashion designers. Moreover, sustainable fashion encourages manufacturing units with adverse effects on the environment.

Sustainable Wedding Ideas that are in Vogue

The designer dress or lehenga of the bride is beautiful and eye-catching. Here are a few ways in which you can go for a sustainable wedding:

Save Money, Embrace Emotions—Recycle Your Mother’s Bridal Wear! 

Many brides prefer to upcycle their mother’s or close relatives’ wedding lehenga for their wedding. However, never think this trend is something new. Many celebrities before and even today have upcycled their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dresses and looked as stunning as ever. In this list, you have Yami Gautam, who looked elegant in her bridal wear, which belonged to her mother. Even Isha Ambani’s red dupatta was thirty-five years old because it belonged to her mother, who wore it at her wedding. Not just that. Rana Daggubati’s Miheeka Bajaj wore her mother’s bridal lehenga in her baht ceremony. So, if they can wear it and look elegant, why can’t you?

Yami Gautam Wearing Her Mother's Saree for her Wedding!

Eco-friendly fabrics

Go for more eco-friendly fabrics if you don’t want to wear a recycled lehenga or you don’t have one that you can upcycle. There is a list of eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, rayon, and others. Some of these fabrics are not even expensive. So, you can have your wedding dress within your budget, and it will also last longer.

Repurpose Your Wedding Dress into Something More Comfy 

Most wedding sarees/lehengas are huge enough and worn only on the wedding day. If you want to go down the road of sustainable fashion, you can repurpose your wedding dress into something comfy and easy to carry. So, you can wear your same wedding dress, but in a different way, for various other functions that are not as grand as a wedding. Or you can pass it on to your future generation, who can alter them per their taste and style. From a sustainable point of view, fewer dresses are bound to create and generate less wastage at the end.

Style your Wedding Lehenga with a Crop Top and Slay Any Function With Confidence!

A wedding is the grandest and most memorable occasion of your life. So, how you would like to deck yourself up for that special day depends on you. However, if you want to have a sustainable wedding, several options are there. If you are confused, take the help of your wedding planner to make an informed, eco-friendly choice.

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