Unique WhatsApp Marriage Invitation Ideas for To-be-Weds

Indian wedding invitation cards are more than just a way of informing the date, time, and venue of the event to the guests. It is a symbolic representation of our Indian culture. Indians adore their tradition, and traditional wedding invitations have an emotional significance embedded in their sophisticated look.

Ideas to Create Unique WhatsApp Marriage Invitations

With time, e-invitations’ popularity increased, and the mode of inviting guests changed. But the emotions rooted in them are still intact. Today, you can call your guests through WhatsApp Marriage Invitations. You only need a simple digital version of the traditional wedding card and a unique idea to make your WhatsApp marriage invitation stand out. So, here are some ideas for you:

A Minimalistic Wedding Invitation: If you are a millennial bride going for a pastel minimalist theme, why not let it reflect on your wedding invitation? Pastel colors, floral motifs, and geometrical shapes make the WhatsApp marriage invitation card look minimalistic and elegant.

Video Invitation: This style of Whatsapp invitation is taking the internet by storm. Its versatility is no joke. You have ample scope to make it unique by adding some animation, photo slides, fun moments, or a boomerang of the couple. However, consider the maximum file size while sending this on WhatsApp. Channel your creativity and create a unique video invitation!

Caricature Wedding Invitation: How about having your own fan-art style caricature wedding invitation dropped to the WhatsApp chat box of your friends and family members to bring a big smile to their faces? Yes. Caricature wedding invitations are the perfect option to personalize your wedding invitations with a pinch of fun. You can contact a digital artist who will create the caricature while adding elements significant to you and your partner.

Quirky Wedding Invitation: Sometimes breaking away from tradition is fun. If you think this way, you can go for a quirky wedding invitation. You may use a chat-themed invitation or add a couple of photos, like a camera reel with the event details. You can also make an invitation with a funny art of the couple. Since you are going quirky, nothing off-beat will look odd. You may also use a fun way of introducing yourself and your partner.

Mandala Wedding Invitation: Using mandala arts on auspicious occasions in a part of many cultures as it stands in harmony. You may have also noticed some mandala elements in traditional wedding cards because they symbolically represent the couple’s unity. There are multiple styles of mandalas that you can use on the WhatsApp invitation. You may add traditional symbols like butterfly, lotus, and peacocks in your mandala design.

Animated Wedding Invitation: Animated wedding invitations are becoming mainstream as e-invitations are gaining popularity. The elegance of the traditional wedding invitation cards and the charm of the animated art blend into this wedding invitation. You also get to personalize the invitation cards and give your unique touch to them.

Final Words, Before the Party Starts!

Marriage invitations are a way to set the tone of the celebration. Hence, adding a unique twist to it will make it a topic of discussion in your family WhatsApp group (if not the talk of the town). Digital invitation cards come with the opportunity to let your creativity shine through, and you may also take it as an effort to outshine your partner in this battle of ideas. Every love story has some uniqueness. So, let your wedding invitation inherit some of it. Invite your loved ones with an invitation as unique and wonderful as the two of you!

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