Wow Your Guests With These DIY Wedding Decor Hacks

Is your wedding day around the corner? Are you looking for ways to make your dream wedding come true without costing a fortune? 

Fulfil the dreams of your dream wedding within budget with these DIY wedding decor hacks.

Well, we have some easy-to-do DIY wedding decor ideas that will fill your guests with awe!

Steal The Show With These Wedding Décor Hacks

So, are you ready to steal the show? Here are some DIY wedding décor hacks for you:

Dreamy Centerpieces

Try these easy-to-make floral centerpieces to add a touch of elegance to the dining table. Get some faux flowers that match the theme of your wedding. 

Take a transparent plastic bowl, fill it up to 3/4th with water, cut the stems of the flowers, and let them float. The best part is it will cost only a dime!

Charming Lanterns

Lanterns are a must-have decor at weddings. If you are having a night wedding, you cannot miss out on lanterns. But, buying readymade lanterns can be a costly affair. We have just the right thing for you! 

You can craft these trendy lanterns on your own with the help of some photo frames. First, remove the glasses from the frames and spray the edges of the frame in gold or any color of your choice. Now, stick four frames together, and there you go! Your simple and classy lanterns are ready.

Clipboard Decor

We all have clipboards from our school days we don’t use anymore. Let us put those clipboards to use.

Cover the clipboards in white paper or color them white. Decorate the clipboard with flowers, leaves, or laces, and write a personalized quote on each clipboard. Or you can decorate it with a picture postcard or your sepia-colored childhood photos.

You can use it on the table, bar, or any other spot to glam it up!

Paper Backdrop

Want to click stunning pictures with your bridesmaids or groomsmen? We have the perfect backdrop idea for you.

These are simple to make, and all you need is just paper! You can attach this to the wall or hang it from a backdrop stand. 

Photo Banner

No wedding is complete without nostalgia and reminiscing the good times you have spent with your friends and family. How about creating a photo banner that captures your most cherished moments?

Compile your favorite captured moments and print them out. Or you can use your instant Polaroid photographs. Attach those photos with even spacing a string and secure them with a clip. You can use the fairy strings and hang the photo string on a banner or your wall.

Marbled Votives

Make these marbled votive candles way ahead of your wedding. These would look great on the dining table for the guests. 

You can make these candles by applying the water marble technique using nail polish. These little guys are easy to make and look gorgeous.

Festive Backdrop

Want to click stunning photos with your bridesmaids or groomsmen? Photo booths or backdrops are frequent in almost every wedding, and renting backdrops can be costly.

Backdrop stands and fringe curtains are readily available on e-commerce websites.

Chalkboard Menu

How about replacing the same old boring menu cards with a chalkboard menu? All you need is a chalkboard and some colored chalk!

List down the menu in a funky way, and give your guests a sneak peek into the tempting dinner awaiting them.

Our Final Words

We hope you loved these fascinating and unique wedding decor ideas, and don’t forget to share them with your friends and family!

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