Groom Mehndi Design: 10+ Latest Dulha Mehndi Designs Ideas

‘Mehndi Lagake Rakhna, Doli Sajake Rakhna, Lene Tujhe O Gori, Ayenge Tere Sajna.’ Although Raj asked this to Simran, it could be the other way around, too! 

Unique Groom Mehndi Designs

We may be familiar with Indian brides adorning their hands with gorgeous mehndi designs, but why should girls have all the fun? Groom Mehndi designs have been a long-time tradition, and it’s widely popular in many parts of India like Rajasthan and Gujarat. This age-old tradition holds great significance. It symbolizes the love, union, and companionship of two souls embarking on a new journey. 

We have handpicked some trendy and remarkable mehndi designs for the groom. Check it out!

Single Logos

Single logos or motifs look simple yet quirky. Make a style statement by matching your Mehndi design with your personality. Or a motif design that has a hidden meaning!

Keeping The Missus Happy 

Familiar with the phrase ‘Happy Wife, Happy life?’ Your wife will be thrilled to see these mehndi designs on your special day. Why? After all, it will have her name inscribed on your palms.


We are all familiar with the tradition of the groom finding his name/initials in the bride’s mehndi. Now, it’s time for the bride to do the same. Express your love through these beautiful mehndi designs with your partner’s initials.

If you don’t want heavy mehndi coverage, you can also show off your love by writing only the initials of your partner’s name.


These mehndi designs with your nicknames are simple yet sweet! It’s the perfect sign to show your love.

Full hand 

Go all in with some gorgeous heavy full-hand mehndi designs that’ll surely woo your woman! From intricate floral designs to geometric patterns, every design tells a story.  


Mandalas are a top choice among mehndi designs for the groom. If you like minimalistic designs, a mandala in the center of your palm can be a perfect choice.


What better way to capture our culture and heritage than mehndi designs that portray the bride and groom? These mehndi designs are a visual representation of our tradition and add an aesthetic appeal to the overall look of the groom.

A Message For Your Beloved 

A short and sweet message for your beau would be the perfect gift to her at your wedding. So, why not inscribe that message on your Mehndi design?

Keeping It Simple

If you do not like heavy and floral designs, keep it simple with these beautiful and minimalistic round designs.

Half And Half

Half and Half mehndi designs have been in trend for a long time, and grooms love to embrace this art form. Complement your bride-to-be with these gorgeous Half and Half mehndi designs.

Adorn Your Feet

Why leave out your feet? These pretty designs are sure to make heads turn!

Final Words, Before the Wrap!

The groom’s mehndi designs are not just a visual treat. It also portrays the ever-lasting love between the bride and groom. So, now you have a few great Mehndi designs! Take your pick and let us know which one’s your favorite!

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