Stay Calm On Your Wedding Day! Follow These Tips!

Your wedding day is nearing. You have an entire event to plan ahead of you. The grandeur of Indian weddings is unmatchable. It’s not just ‘The wedding day’ that you plan, but every event, Engagement, Mehndi, Sangeet, Reception, and Bidaai.

Stop fretting and stay calm during your wedding.

Getting stressed and anxious is very common, given the scenario. Hence, managing stress and staying during the wedding planning process is crucial.

Tips To Remain Calm

Here we are with some tips on how you can effectively plan your wedding without getting all anxious:

Determine Your Budget

Your budget is one of the most crucial aspects on which your entire wedding planning will expend. Hence, determining how much you are willing to spend can give you a clear idea of how your wedding will look like.

Determine the wedding budget before anything.

Sit down with your partner to set a realistic budget that you are comfortable with, and accordingly plan the events.

Hire A Wedding Planner

Planning is the key. A wedding planner can be your rescuer when planning every detail of the events and coordinating with the vendors.

Seek a wedding planner who will help you in planning your wedding.

Create a detailed timeline of each function, starting from engagement to reception. Getting a wedding planner on board and setting a timeline to track your wedding can significantly reduce stress. 

Choose A Venue

Choosing the perfect venue is vital as it sets the entire tone of the wedding. You can take the help of your wedding planner, or you can browse online to select a venue.

Choose your wedding destination venue wisely.

If you are going for a destination wedding, we recommend choosing the venue well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.  

Delegate Tasks

Hiring a wedding planner can be costly at times. Do not fret. It is when the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and your relatives can come to your rescue. Delegate their tasks to them. Create a list of events going to take place and assign the duties to your friends and family.

Delegate your works to your relatives and friends.

Make a checklist of the following:

  • The perfect venue.
  • The guest list.
  • Accommodations for the guests.
  • Selecting Caterers.
  • Choosing Florists.
  • Venue Decorations.
  • The best photographer.
  • A perfect Mehndi artist.
  • The Sangeet song list.
  • Makeup and Hair.

Coordination And Execution

You are complete with all the planning. Now, it is the time to execute! Walk through your wedding checklist and ensure everything gets executed as per plan. At this stage, coordination becomes crucial.

Coordinate everything properly for a perfect execution of the grand event.

You must calm down and coordinate with your wedding planner, friends, and family. Check up on the roles assigned to your friends and family to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Contingency Plan

No matter how much you plan, minor goof-ups are bound to happen. Unforeseen circumstances might arise during your wedding. Hence, keep a backup plan ready.

Be ready with a backup plan.

Prepare well for all potential issues, such as bad weather, vendor no-shows, sudden health issues, and wardrobe malfunction.


We hope these expert tips will help you plan your big day, and you can celebrate your love stress-free and enjoy the entire planning process till the last dance. 

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