Ultimate Guide to A Wedding Budget That Works for You!

Your D-Day is nearing, and planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming. It is time to start thinking about your wedding budget. Breaking down a wedding budget is the first and probably the trickiest part of your wedding.

Let's create a wedding budget that will lessen your burden.

A budget influences all your decisions—venue, guestlist, caterer, decor, DJ, and all the other things you have always dreamt about your wedding. We are here to walk you through everything you need to do to plan the wedding you have always wanted.

How Much You Can Spend?

Before making any decisions, figure out how much money you can spend on your wedding. The great news is that it is smooth enough to figure out if you sit down and work it out. To do this, sit with your partner, look at your savings account, and decide how much you are willing to spend and save.

Create a checklist before creating a budget.

We recommend not spending the entire savings amount on your wedding. After all, savings are what is going to help you live a comfortable life after the wedding. At this stage, you can also consider any help your family might be offering you.

Once you have your total, the best idea is to break down the budget based on a wedding cost checklist. List the ten significant planning categories. Also, prepare the guest list at this point. It will help you adjust your budget accordingly.

Tips Towards Estimating Your Budget

We have prepared a rough estimate of how much of the budget you can spend on each planning category. You can adjust the same based on priorities and preferences.

Venue – 20%

The venue plays a significant role because that is where you will celebrate your wedding. Any standard wedding venue includes furniture, guest rooms, electricity costs, etc. Hence, the venue owner will consider these costs while renting the place.

Keep 20% of your entire budget for the venue.

Food and Drinks – 20%

Again, in this section, the maximum chunk of your budget goes. You can adjust the food and drinks budget based on your number of guests. This section includes the costs of food (starters, main course, and dessert), drinks and catering, and service staff.

Again, keep aside 20% of your entire budget for food and drinks.

Photography and Videography – 15%

Professional photographers these days usually charge high. However, it is vital to hire photographers who will capture the memories of your special day.

Set aside 15% of your budget for photo and videography.

Attire and Beauty – 10%

This section includes all the attire the bride and groom will wear at each event —Mehndi, Sangeet, Wedding, and Reception. Also, do not forget the attire of your friends, mama, chacha, mami, kaki, cousins, bride’s jewelry, and the couple’s makeup.

Set aside 10% of your entire budget for wedding attire and beauty.

Flower and Decor – 10%

Do you want to make the wedding hall gorgeous? Flowers and decorations are crucial to make the venue look beautiful for the occasion. It includes bouquets, centerpieces, lighting, and decor.

Keep aside 10% of your budget for flower and decoration

Transportation – 5%

Getting to the venue and shuttling the guests, your transportation cost is another crucial part of your wedding budget.

Set aside budget for the transport.

Music and Entertainment 10%

A wedding is incomplete without songs and dances! This section will include the costs for the DJ for Sangeet and Wedding.

For music also you need 10% of your entire budget.

Favors and Gifts – 2%

Give your guests something to remember you by. The guests will love a token of appreciation! Thus, you must spend 2% of your entire budget on this.

Let your guests remember your wedding with the gifts you give.

Stationery – 3%

This section includes the wedding invitation cards, menus, and thank you cards. It will help you set the tone for the wedding, so don’t forget to include it in your budget!

Spend 3% of your budget on stationery items.

Miscellaneous – 5%

Now, this is for any last-minute emergencies or any other unexpected fees. So, stop stressing and save extra 5 % from your budget for last minute disasters.

Stop stressing out at the last minute with this extra 5% saved from your budget.

Let’s Wrap It Up Now!

Since everything is becoming digital now, you can create a spreadsheet for your budget planning. Also, don’t forget to include vendor contact information and additional costs for contingency purposes, and that’s it! You have everything you need to get the party going. Best of luck for your wedding!

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