Be In The Spotlight With These Wedding Tent Decoration

Weddings are lovely occasions, and the post-COVID era has made people rethink their wedding locations. Previously, indoor and outdoor locations were in vogue, but during and after covid period, people are leaning more towards outdoor locations to keep the venue spacious and airy.

Tent ideas for an outdoor wedding

A wedding in an open-air arena can be refreshing because it is airy. However, without a well-decorated tent for your ceremony, tents might sound boring and give the image of thick canvas, but wedding tents are exquisitely designed. If you are worried about how people will react if you have a tent for your outdoor wedding, we have ten ideas that will blow your mind.

Decorate The Pole

From natural flowers to ivy branches to sparkling lights, the pole that holds the tent upright should be decorated right. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can choose to decorate the pole accordingly.

Decorate the pole of your wedding tent in a stunning way.

Choose Floral Decoration

Flowers are the most essential part of any wedding decoration, so make sure the tent is well decorated with these flowers. You can choose the type of flowers you want for the decoration, but make sure you choose flowers with a longer shelf life. Droopy flowers aren’t something that you would fancy.

Floral tent decoration makes the wedding venue look blissful.

Go Boho With Light Fixtures

Chandeliers can be made from cane or other eco-friendly materials that are lightweight and yet stunning.

Make your wedding unique with Boho fixtures.

Use Candles With Caution

Several ornate candle holders work for tabletops, but be careful with those so they don’t cause a fire hazard.

Use candles in your wedding tent decoration, but carefully.

Grandiose Entrance

Ensure the entry to the outdoor wedding venue is gorgeously decorated with flowers, plants, and lights.

Decorate the entrance like your fairytale wedding.

Comfy And Bright Sitting Areas

The seating arrangement should include comfy sofas with cushions and center tables.

Use comfy cushions and sofas for the guests

Suspended Decorations

The tent ceiling can be used for hangings or suspended decorations such as a floral canopy and lights.

Suspended decoration makes everything look gorgeous

Suspended Swings

Swings will add a unique touch if you can decorate your with flowers in your wedding tent.

Swings can be an ethereal addition to your wedding

Use String Lights

These lights are not too bright but beautiful when used together in clusters. You can also make patterns with string lights.

Strings lights can always brighten up a space

Pastel Drapes

Instead of a monochromatic look, use pastel shades of different fabrics to add a subtle, colorful vibe to your wedding tent.

Choose pastel shades to steal the vibes.

Seek A Wedding Planner For An Outdoor Wedding

When you plan an outdoor wedding, you have to consider several things. You can take the help of a wedding planner to help you plan your nuptials. Location, area, and availability of commute are essential while planning an outdoor wedding.

Remote locations work well when you arrange private transportation for all your guests and also have adequate resting rooms for them in advance. You can also have a personal outdoor wedding in your backyard.


Your wedding day is your and your significant other’s special day, so however and wherever you both want to celebrate, this day is your call. So, celebrate the day like the best day of your life and create a memorable story for your kids.

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