Ideas for Couple Poses in Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are grand events where families celebrate the union of a couple. No matter how you want to enter the bond of holy matrimony, it is vital to make lifelong memories. 

Thus, wedding pictures will be your treasure for the rest of your lives, and through these pictures, you can share these beautiful moments with your children and grandchildren. Therefore, it is vital to click some heartwarming wedding photos that will eventually become glowing memories.

Couple Poses for Indian Weddings

Clicking pictures is very common in Indian weddings, but you have the center stage as the bride and the groom. Sometimes, a cameraman and videographer help you pose in different ways so that the photos can capture each moment in the finest possible manner. As a couple in an Indian wedding, there are so many poses that you can do. Some of these poses are below:

The Heart Poses:

The bride and the groom can stand next to each other to create a half-heart shape with their palms and join their half-hearts to form a full-heart shape. Marriage is all about love, so try this sweet, simple yet lovey-dovey pose.

The Couple Making Heart Pose With Their Hands

Sitting On Stairs:

The groom and bride can pose on artificial stairs. A sitting pose on the stairs will help the photographer capture the intricate bridal lehenga in all its glory. The groom can sit one or two steps above the bride to capture the entire attire of both.

The Mehendi Pose:

In most traditional Indian weddings, putting Mehendi on hands and feet is frequent. In some weddings, the Mehendi design also includes the groom’s name on the palm of the bride. Brides can specifically pose with their palms open so that the Mehendi design is photographed.

The Eye Contact Poses:

Marriage is about building a loving relationship with your significant other. The bride and groom can face sideways and look into each other’s eyes to capture their loving bond on camera.

Holding Hands Pose:

This pose can have several variations, depending on the surroundings and situation. It is another beautiful pose that shows the beginning of a journey for the bride and groom together as a couple. The couple can stand sideways and hold hands. They can do a walking pose, or the groom can stand behind the bride and take her hands in an embrace.

Final Words

There are no strict rules about the poses you can do in an Indian wedding, but we can ensure that the poses are respectful and beautiful. Therefore, go ahead and make your most beautiful day enchanting and memorable with heartwarming photos that you can flick through later and feel that joy again and again.

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