Bride and Groom, Embrace Sustainable Wedding Fashion This Season!

A wedding is the most memorable day of your life, and you must fill this day with happiness and love. The wedding dress of the bride and groom plays a significant role in making this celebration more beautiful.

Bride and groom both can embrace sustainable wedding fashion this season.

But people should be more aware while choosing wedding dress in this era of global warming. People should always opt for ethical and sustainable wedding attires and jewelry that cause no harm to the environment.

How does this Sustainable fashion work?

So, how does sustainable fashion work? Let’s see:

Sustainable fashion is trending nowadays.
  • Sustainable fashion always utilizes eco-friendly materials like hemp or recycled fabrics. Also, organically grown, harvested, and processed materials are not harmful to the environment. Like organic silk, obtained from silkworms, Tencel fabric from the cellulose of wood forests, and organic cotton because it does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Some designers also use innovative materials like pineapple fiber and recycled plastic.
  • Sustainable fashion is about embracing an ethical manufacturing process where workers get fair wages while working under safe conditions that do not violate labor rights. Local employees are immensely used to incorporating local craftsmanship and handmade work. It reduces the pollution caused due to transportation for outside workers.
  • Sustainable fashion allows designers to upcycle existing fabrics and dresses to create new ones while creating unique and customized attires. Moreover, it encourages limited production, thus reducing wastage.  

Be Sustainable! Save On Money and Save The Planet!

So, how can you embrace sustainable fashion for your wedding? Well, here are some ideas that may help. Do you want to have a look? Yes? Okay, then, let’s have a look:

Rent From Fashion Houses!

You can deny it, but we know you won’t when we say bridal wear is a one-time affair. So, be smart and rent sustainable wedding dresses from fashion houses. You can be the bride or the groom. Rent without being ashamed if you are willing to save the planet.

There is no shame in renting. So, rent gracefully.

Represent Your Family Lineage and Be Sustainable!

Weddings are not just about fashion. It is about holding the holy grail of the family represent. Thus, there isn’t any shame in repeating your grandmom’s or your mother’s jewelry and even the wedding dress. Many celebrities, including Yami Gautam, Gul Panag, and Priyanka Gandhi, have proudly embraced their mothers’ bridal wear.

Celebrities like Gul Panag wore their mother's bridal wear for their wedding.

Buy From Small Scale Fashion Houses!

We will not say support small businesses because they are massively affected during the pandemic. These decisions are way too subjective, and thus, it rests on the individual.

Buy from small scale business and embrace sustainability.

But if you love sustainable fashion, remember these small-scale businesses always have limited production, creating less carbon footprint. Moreover, credible small-scale businesses have more organic production, thanks to their well-knit team of artists.


Every person should buy from Sustainable and Ethical fashion brands that are always transparent towards their consumers regarding their material sourcing, production process, and labor practices.

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