2024 Wedding Trends: What’s In and What’s Out!

Every year, the wedding industry witnesses thousands of ceremonies of various kinds from different backgrounds. However, the basics of a wedding ceremony remain the same. The rituals followed never go through any changes, no matter how much everything else might change. The changes that occur do not concern the rituals but the decorations or some other aspect of a wedding. 

Every new year, something new can become the trend for a wedding celebration, and something else can become outdated. 2024 has already started, and there have been a few new trends you want to include in your grand event, while others you mustn’t. Let’s have a look at those trends.

What is in?

So, let’s see what’s trending this wedding season:

Documentary Style Photography

Normal wedding photography and videography have been in the market since people learned to capture this special day of their lives. However, the times have changed, and, in this world, when everything is about capturing the moment, a change in the way of photographing things is natural. Today, wedding photography is all about candid moments when you give your smile spontaneously and not because someone asked you to.

Be spontaneous in wedding photography

Post-wedding Celebrations

Generally, it used to be that after the wedding, it wouldn’t take much time to return to the mundane regular lives. However, this year, we don’t think the brides and grooms are ready to let go of this special occasion. So, this is how the trend of post-wedding celebrations has come into being.

Know each other better with post-wedding celebrations.

So, organize a post-wedding party or a dinner. You can also go for a picnic with your new and old family or enjoy brunch with all of them and carry out your post-wedding celebration.

Wedding Content Creation

Content creation has taken center stage in all fields, so it is not fair to think it won’t do the same when it comes to one of the biggest celebrations of any culture, i.e., wedding celebrations.

Make content creation a part of your wedding

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings have been a trend for a long time, but 2024 has seen more destination weddings than any year before, and we haven’t even been halfway through the year. 

Destination wedding is trending this season.

What Is Out?

Sorry, these are not trending this year, so try to avoid them this wedding season:

Teary-eyed Exits

Brides crying during their Bidaai has been a long-time situation. However, brides of today’s world seem to be taking a grand exit from their special occasion.

Don't cry but smile during your Bidaai.

Bold-Colored Lehengas

There was a time when bold colors like red and orange stole the bride’s heart. However, recently, with the brides, the people attending the wedding ceremony have shown an inclination towards muted nude or pastel colors.

Ditch bold colors and accept pastel colors

The Final Words!

It is natural to let go of some trends in a new year which was popular in the previous years. No one can stick to the same ways. Embracing new trends is part of growing up and knowing that change is the only constant in life. The year has just begun! There might be some other trends that can make their place on the list, and some of the trends may get kicked out.

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