Create A Pre-Wedding Love Story Within A Budget

Every love story is unique and deserves its movie. Why should the lead characters of romantic movies have all the fun? You can have dream-like images and Bollywood movie-like scenes featuring your love story, and you and your partner can be the star of it. Nothing can be better than a pre-wedding shoot to celebrate your love before the wedding day and add some more to your memory.

But if budgeting for a pre-wedding shoot sounds like a nightmare to you, then to save you from having dark circles and stress-induced hair fall before your extraordinary day, here is a breakdown of the costs of a pre-wedding shoot:

Photographer/ Videographer

The masterpieces that will land on your social media or wedding video need a photographer who can capture sweet glimpses of your love story. Generally, pre-wedding photography and videography cost somewhere around 10k-50k/day. There are different tiers of photographers, and if you are getting top-level professional photographers, that might cost around 50k.

However, the price will be slightly higher if you plan to have a cinematic video with varied themes used in such videographies. Therefore, the cost of post-production may also vary. It is better to contact a professional studio and select the package after discussing the themes and styles of photos and videos you look forward to having.

Make-up Artist

This cost will be nil if you know how to do your hair and makeup to match a particular costume and theme. But, if you hire a professional makeup artist and hair stylist, then that might add around 4k-15k to your pre-wedding shoot budget. This price range depends on how many themes you have chosen and what hairstyles you want to get.

Outfits And Accessories

While outfits and accessories are vital, it does not mean you have to spend a fortune on them. You can wear something that is already a cherished part of your wardrobe, or you may get new ones based on the themes you have selected. In this case, the price will depend on your chosen outfit style. There are also places from where you can rent vintage clothes and trendy attires for pre-wedding shoots.


Like a destination wedding, you can also plan a destination pre-wedding! It will also make a tonne of happy memories for you. But, it will be on a heavier budget if you want to go to a popular tourist destination. You can also limit yourself to your city because, nowadays, most cities have pre-set venues of different themes for pre-wedding shoots.

The cost of renting such a venue will lie within the range of 25k to 50k. If you want to cut some of your budget here, you can also plan to do the shooting at your house, park, lake, and places that are free.


First, call your photographer if you want to have a dream-like wedding photoshoot and have some props in mind. You can discuss it with them, and if they have such props, you may choose to include them in the shoot. Otherwise, they may also help you get it from somewhere else. However, the renting will have a fair share in the budget if you use an animal or an expensive or rare prop for the shoot.

Final Words

Now that you know the cost, it’s time to choose what sort of pre-wedding videography and photo session you want for yourself. Once you complete it, the budgeting part becomes a piece of cake.

Congrats! You can now surprise your guests with love-drenched images and footage from your pre-wedding shoot!

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