Pick The Best Bridal Makeup Artist Or MUA With Us!

While planning your dream wedding, you focus on every little detail that goes into making the wedding perfect. Your hair and makeup are crucial in determining how you look and feel on your wedding day.

Hire the best MUA with these tips.

Some brides prefer doing their makeup. On the other hand, some brides are the exact opposite. Whether you are a bride who knows what she wants or is too overwhelmed by the numerous options at hand, here are some tips that will help you hire the best makeup artist for your special day.

Don’t Judge Makeup Artists By Their Social Media Profiles Alone!

Most brides make the mistake of choosing a makeup artist (MUA) based solely on how popular they are on social media. While social media can help you discover makeup artists, it should not be the only parameter based on which you choose the MUA.

Check social media, but do not depend on it entirely.

Most pictures posted on social media have filters and may not reveal how the brides look. One solution could be asking the MUA to send you a few unedited pictures of their clients.

Ask People For Recommendations!

The best judge of MUAs would be the ones who have already had their makeup done professionally. Ask your family, friends, and acquaintances who have gotten married in the past few years for recommendations. Ask them to send some pictures of their look for references.

Always ask for recommendation from your friends and family.

Be Clear About Exactly What You Want!

Before you meet the MUA, be clear about what you want and keep references in place to ensure clarity. Also, decide if you must opt for separate hair and makeup artists. You are the best judge of what looks good on you and what you feel comfortable with.

You know what looks best on you or how do you want to look. So, you must brief your heart out to your MUA

Keep some photos of looks you like so that when you meet your makeup artist, you can help them with some references.

Meet Your Makeup Artists!

Before confirming your booking, meet your artist to have a thorough discussion. It is vital to let your makeup artist know beforehand what you want and don’t. Often, references that you have from magazines or online pictures might look good on the model.

Meet your makeup artist before the D-Day!

However, it might not look good on you. It would help if you allow your makeup artist to intervene and recommend the makeup that will look best on you.

Questions To Ask!

Before you finalize a hair and makeup artist, there are some crucial questions you need to ask your makeup artist:

Q&A is important even for the brides.
  • Do you specialize in bridal hair and makeup?
  • What products do you use?
  • Can you provide some pictures of your clients for reference?
  • Do you offer a trial session?
  • What is your pricing, and what services does it include?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Will you be available for touch-ups throughout the day?

These questions will help you choose the best MUA for your D-Day!

A Few Considerations To Make Before You Hire A MUA!

Wait! Do you think it’s all over? Not yet. Consider the below points before finalizing your MUA for the best day of your life:

Be the princess beside your prince, look the best on your wedding.
  • Look for a MUA who is experienced and specializes in bridal makeup.
  • Look at the artist’s portfolio to understand what to expect.
  • You should hire an artist who has experience working with a diverse range of skin tones, facial features, and textures
  • The artist should be professional, reliable, and easy to work with.
  • Read reviews and references from past clients to ensure the MUA has a track record of satisfied clients.

Now, we come to an end! You now know what to consider before you hire. So, why wait? The big day is here, and you must look like a princess beside your Prince Charming. The best MUA in the city will help you achieve your goals.

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