Know About The Telugu Pelli Muhurtham Dates In 2025!

Marriage is an auspicious ceremony where friends and family bless the newlyweds. We understand your apprehension when it comes to wedding planning. Several aspects that need your attention may seem to be overwhelming enough. But we are here to help you in every possible way so that you can peacefully plan your dream wedding. 

We will help you with the Telugu Pelli Muhurtham Dates In 2025.

Wedding dates for 2025

Choose dates from January, February, March, April, May, June, and December as per the Telugu Pelli Muhurtham because in 2025, auspicious wedding dates will be available only in these months. You do not have any Muhurtham dates available from July to October.

Planning to get married in 2025? Here are the Telugu Pelli Muhurtham dates for you.

Don’t fret much. We are here to help you decide when you would like to get married in 2025 as per the Telugu Pelli Muhurtham dates available in 2025. So, let’s find and fix your wedding date without further ado. 


This is the beginning of the year, and what better time to begin a new journey with your partner than the start of the year? There are ten sacred Muhurtham dates this month, so you have enough choices. Start your planning from this year itself so that you can go for a January wedding in 2025.

You have 10 dates in January, plan your wedding, accordingly.
  • January 16, Thursday
  • January 17, Friday
  • January 18, Saturday
  • January 19, Sunday
  • January 20, Monday
  • January 21, Tuesday
  • January 23, Thursday
  • January 24, Friday
  • January 26, Sunday,
  • January 27, Monday


Often hailed as the month of love due to St. Valentine’s Day on the 14th, this month is quite apt for a wedding. When celebrating love and companionship, it is best to get married in the month of love. There are also 14 wedding dates per the sacred Panchang this month, so pull up your veil and tie your turban for a wedding in February.

Celebrate love and your wedding in February with these dates available.
  • February 2, Sunday
  • February 3, Monday
  • February 6, Thursday
  • February 7, Friday
  • February 12, Wednesday
  • February 13, Thursday
  • February 14, Friday
  • February 15, Saturday
  • February 16, Wednesday
  • February 18, Tuesday
  • February 19, Wednesday
  • February 21, Friday
  • February 23, Sunday
  • February 25, Tuesday


The month of spring makes the earth colorful after the winter months with blossoms on each branch. Isn’t this the ideal month for a lovely union? We think so, and if you feel the same, then jot down the March dates. There are only five available dates, so pick carefully and quickly.

We don't have many dates for you in March, but if you plan your wedding in March, these dates can help.
  • March 1, Saturday
  • March 2, Sunday
  • March 6, Thursday
  • March 7, Friday
  • March 12, Wednesday 


April is early summer and late spring, an excellent combination for having wedding festivities. There are nine dates in April, and you can choose one as per your suitability.

There are many dates in April, choose one for your wedding.
  • April 14, Monday
  • April 16, Wednesday
  • April 18, Friday
  • April 19, Saturday
  • April 20, Sunday
  • April 21, Monday
  • April 25, Friday
  • April 29, Tuesday
  • April 30, Wednesday


There are 14 wedding dates in this month, and if you want to have your wedding in the first half of the year, it is best to pick May because after that, the wedding dates aren’t available from July, and in June, there will be a massive rush with a limited number of Muhurtham dates.

Consider these dates for your wedding in May.
  • May 1, Thursday
  • May 5, Monday
  • May 6, Tuesday
  • May 8, Thursday
  • May 10, Saturday
  • May 15, Thursday
  • May 16, Friday
  • May 17, Saturday
  • May 18, Sunday
  • May 22, Thursday
  • May 23, Friday
  • May 24, Saturday
  • May 27, Tuesday
  • May 28, Wednesday


It is a crucial month in 2025 because, after this, there are no wedding dates until November. Hence, select one date from the available five Muhurtham dates in June if you don’t want to postpone your wedding until the winter months.

The last wedding month before November, so if you are in a hurry, pick dates from this month.
  • June 2, Monday
  • June 4, Wednesday
  • June 5, Thursday
  • June 7, Saturday
  • June 8, Sunday


After a long spell, November comes with plenty of wedding dates to choose from. If you love winter and enjoy its vibe, you can select any one of the fourteen wedding dates available in November.

You have several dates in November to choose from.
  • November 1, Saturday
  • November 5, Wednesday
  • November 6, Thursday
  • November 8, Saturday
  • November 10, Monday
  • November 15, Saturday
  • November 16, Sunday
  • November 17, Monday
  • November 18, Tuesday
  • November 22, Saturday
  • November 23, Sunday
  • November 24, Monday
  • November 27, Thursday
  • November 28, Friday


With the year ending and winter approaching, it is time to wrap up everything that has remained unfinished. It is the perfect time to solemnize the wedding vows in an auspicious marriage ceremony. You don’t have many choices here. So, pick your date now if you are headed for an end-of-the-year wedding.

Celebrate your wedding amidst the winter in December with these available dates.
  • December 4, Thursday
  • December 5, Friday
  • December 6, Saturday


So, whenever you decide to get married, it is best to plan and have time at hand. It will help you to have the best experience on your wedding day when you can enjoy every moment of the auspicious function.

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