Want A Budget-Friendly Wedding? Try These DIY Wedding Decor Ideas!

DIY wedding decorations have gained massive popularity because they are cost-effective, easy, and can add a personal touch to your décor, making it an exclusive décor meant only for your D-Day.

Try these DIY wedding decor ideas for a budget-friendly wedding.

Impress All With These DIY Décor Ideas

If you are a décor-savvy and budget-friendly couple, you must love reading this, as we have a few DIY decoration ideas to impress your guests and in-laws in a snap.

Wildflower Jar centerpieces

With the help of some primary ingredients like Jars, wildflowers, colored ribbons & pair of scissors, you can create charming decorations. First, you must choose glass jars depending on your liking and mix and match them per your desired look.

After that, depending on your wedding theme, you must choose from the variety of wildflowers available based on the season. Depending on the jar’s height, if required, you must trim the stems of your flower sticks. Remember to fill the jars with water to keep the wildflowers looking fresh throughout the day. Finally, place the decorated jars on the tables as a centerpiece.

Picture-Perfect Lanterns

Decorate your wedding hall with stylish lanterns with these simple steps. These lanterns add a romantic aura to your wedding venue. You can create these lanterns by removing the glasses and the back structure from a picture frame.

After that, paint the frames with your favorite color and join the four frames together with glue to make a lantern. Finally, you can light up these lanterns by inserting LED candles. Decorate these lanterns with ribbon or decorative paper. Hang them on the tree or place them on the table to create a vibrant ambiance for the wedding venue.

Try Some Traditional Things For Your Wedding Venue

At Indian weddings, you can decorate the Mandap with traditional flowers like marigolds, roses, and lotus. Use mango leaves and coconut strings to make hanging decorations.

Use mango leaves and marigold flowers to create auspicious and beautiful strings for decoration.

You can also use garland and flower strings with diyas and fresh flowers to make the wedding venue look exotic and vibrant. Beautifully decorate the pathway to the Mandap with flower petals of different colors.

You can also use flower petals for decorations.

Candles and mirrors add a romantic glow to the decorations. So, you can use candles of various colors as the table centerpiece and place mirrors as a base for the centerpiece. You can also use floating candles and flowers with an earthen pot as your centerpiece. Floral curtains at the entrance door entrance look visually stunning, and to add more color to your wedding, you can sit with your cousins and create a cute rangoli. Colorful rangoli with vibrant hues, like red, blue, and golden, can give the wedding venue a traditional touch.


So, are you happy with these decor ideas? We bet you liked them. Just remember, when you decorate it with all, you will make some unforgettable memories that will bring tears to your eyes and smiles to your face years later.

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