Getting Married? Know The Hindu Auspicious Wedding Dates In 2025!

Indian weddings are grand and, hence, preparation is a big hassle. It’s better to start an early preparation to avoid messing up with things at the last minute. But for that, you need to fix the date!

Here is a month-wise list of auspicious wedding dates in 2025.


Start your new year with the love of your life! The festivity and lovely weather make January the perfect month for wedding celebrations. Are you confused about the wedding dates? Here is a list for you. Let’s have a look:

Start your new year with the love of your life.
  • January 16, Thursday
  • January 17, Friday
  • January 18, Saturday
  • January 19, Sunday
  • January 20, Monday
  • January 21, Tuesday
  • January 23, Thursday
  • January 24, Friday
  • January 25, Saturday
  • January 26, Sunday
  • January 27, Monday


Let February deliver some magical elements and essence of love to celebrate your “together forever” with your beloved. Don’t worry about the dates. Here they are for you:

Promise to stay together, forever, this February.
  • February 2, Sunday
  • February 3, Monday
  • February 6, Thursday
  • February 7, Friday
  • February 12, Wednesday
  • February 13, Thursday
  • February 14, Friday
  • February 15, Saturday
  • February 16, Sunday
  • February 18, Tuesday
  • February 19, Wednesday
  • February 21, Friday
  • February 23, Sunday
  • February 25, Tuesday


The Spring season is at the door! March is the best time if you want the gorgeous Spring nature to make each frame of your wedding photos remarkable. Plan your outdoor wedding in March!

Celebrate your wedding in March. Here are the auspicious dates.
  • March 1, Saturday
  • March 2, Sunday
  • March 6, Thursday
  • March 7, Friday
  • March 12, Wednesday


Summer has already set, with summer’s warmth filling the air. Let the summer bless your new adventure with your partner with its charm. Please don’t fret much because we have the list of auspicious dates. Let’s have a look there:

Celebrate your wedding in summer. Celebrate your wedding in April.
  • April 14, Monday
  • April 16, Wednesday
  • April 17, Thursday
  • April 18, Friday
  • April 19, Saturday
  • April 20, Sunday
  • April 21, Monday
  • April 25, Friday
  • April 29, Tuesday
  • April 30, Wednesday


It’s hard to resist the vibrant colors of May! Make the summer of 2025 memorable by embarking on your journey of togetherness with your partner.

Get married amidst the vibrant color of May.
  • May 1, Thursday
  • May 5, Monday
  • May 6, Tuesday
  • May 8, Thursday
  • May 10, Saturday
  • May 14, Wednesday
  • May 15, Thursday
  • May 16, Friday
  • May 17, Saturday
  • May 18, Sunday
  • May 22, Thursday
  • May 23, Friday
  • May 24, Saturday
  • May 27, Tuesday
  • May 28, Wednesday


It is the last month before the three-month break! So, if you want to get married in the first half of the year, this is your chance. The lovely monsoon weather will accompany you as you take your wedding vows. Sounds romantic, right?

Get married in June, if you are in a hurry. After that there isn't auspicious dates until November.
  • June 2, Monday
  • June 4, Wednesday
  • June 5, Thursday
  • June 7, Saturday
  • June 8, Sunday
  • June 9, Monday

July to October

Sorry, we don't have any auspicious dates for you in this time frame.

There is no auspicious date for Hindu marriage during this time. Thus, this is your opportunity for wedding preparations if you want to get married in November or December of 2025.


After a three-month hiatus, the wedding season is in full swing. The autumn spirit makes the November evenings charming, so don’t let that magic slip!

Get decked up for your wedding in November.
  • November 2, Sunday
  • November 3, Monday
  • November 8, Saturday
  • November 12, Wednesday
  • November 13, Thursday
  • November 16, Sunday
  • November 17, Monday
  • November 18, Tuesday
  • November 21, Friday
  • November 22, Saturday
  • November 23, Sunday
  • November 25, Tuesday
  • November 30, Sunday


The year is almost ending! So, this is the last month you have to get married in 2025. Want the lovely winter weather and the festive feeling of year-end to set the mood for your wedding? Choose a wedding date in December.

End the year with full-on wedding celebration in December.
  • December 4, Thursday
  • December 5, Friday
  • December 6, Saturday


Now that you know the dates, start your wedding preparation accordingly. Contact a local priest to tell if the date you have chosen goes with the Kundali of you and your partner. Get the date confirmed and start preparing for your special day!

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