2024, Lagna Muhurta Marathi Wedding Dates You Need to Save

Fixing the date is very important in every Maharashtrian home. Once the wedding date is final, you can start preparing for the wedding. So, what is Lagna Muhurta in Marathi wedding? The Lagna Muhurta is the most auspicious time during a wedding when the couple exchanges garlands and is officially pronounced husband and wife.

Let us know the 2024 Lagna Muhurta Marathi Wedding Dates.

This specific moment is selected based on astrological calculations, ensuring it aligns with the best planetary positions and nakshatras to bring prosperity and happiness to the couple’s married life. Factors such as the bride and groom’s birth charts or the Kundali are also considered before finalizing the date.

Here Are the Lagna Muhurta Dates for 2024!

So, if you belong to a Marathi family or are tying the knot with one, here are some handpicked Marathi Shubh Vivah Muhurat or Lagna Muhurta for 2024, according to the Hindu Panchang. Let’s have a look:

Design your wedding cards, but first know the Lagna Muhurta Marathi Wedding Dates.

January Lagna Muhurta Dates In 2024

16th January 2024

17th January 2024

21st January 2024

22nd January 2024

27th January 2024

28th January 2024

30th January 2024

31st January 2024

February Lagna Muhurta Dates 

1st February 2024

2nd February 2024

4th February 2024

6th February 2024

7th February 2024

8th February 2024

12th February 2024

14th February 2024

18th February 2024

19th February 2024

24th February 2024

25th February 2024

26th February 2024

27th February 2024

28th February 2024

March 2024 Marriage Dates

1st March 2024

2nd March 2024

3rd March 2024

4th March 2024

5th March 2024

7th March 2024

11th March 2024

12th March 2024

April 2024 Marriage Dates

18th April 2024

19th April 2024

20th April 2024

21st April 2024

22nd April 2024

24th April 2024

25th April 2024

26th April 2024

28th April 2024


Sorry, but we don’t have any Lagna Muhurta dates available in May and June. Why fear? There are dates in July. So you can gear up for it in these two months. Prepare yourself to conduct your wedding in July. Here are the dates for you!

Sorry, we don't have a wedding date for you in May and June.

July 2024 Marriage Dates 

2nd July 2024

3rd July 2024

4th July 2024

9th July 2024

11th July 2024

12th July 2024

13th July 2024

14th July 2024

15th July 2024

A Big Break!

Why pause? Because it’s Chatur Maas, and wedding dates are unavailable for August, September & October. But why worry? You have November and December for your rescue. These two months are pretty popular and favorable months for weddings. So, here are some auspicious Lagna Muhurta dates in November and December 2024!

Prepare yourself for weddings in November and December as you don't have any dates from July to October.


13th November 2024

17th November 2024

18th November 2024

22nd November 2024

23rd November 2024

24th November 2024

25th November 2024

26th November 2024

28th November 2024

29th November 2024


2nd December 2024

3rd December 2024

4th December 2024

5th December 2024

10th December 2024

11th December 2024

13th December 2024

14th December 2024


We wish you a happy married life ahead.

So, when will you conduct your Subh Vivah? Whenever you do, go for the most auspicious date and consult with your priest because they are the best judge here. We wish you a happy married life and a fairytale-like happily ever after with your princess or prince.

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