Let’s Get Married! Know The Lagna Muhurta Dates In 2025!

Are you Maharashtrian or marrying Marathi? If the answer is yes, then you must be in a fix with the wedding dates. Here are some general guidelines for finding suitable wedding dates, but it’s always best to consult a local priest or astrologer for personalized advice.

Know the Lagna Muhurta Dates, before you conduct your wedding in 2025.


As the first month of the year, January has a good chance of becoming the famous month for weddings. So, why not conduct your wedding on this month? These are the possible dates that you can make it happen if you are that couple:

Conduct your wedding on January. Here are the Lagna Muhurta Dates for you.
  • January 16, Thursday
  • January 17, Friday
  • January 18, Saturday
  • January 19, Sunday
  • January 20, Monday
  • January 21, Tuesday
  • January 23, Thursday
  • January 24, Friday
  • January 26, Sunday
  • January 27, Monday


Who wouldn’t want to tie the knot during the month that personifies love? As fortune would have it, prepare yourself for the possibility of a Valentine’s Day wedding. Don’t worry about the dates. We are listing them here. Let’s have a look:

Celebrate your wedding in February with these available dates.
  • February 2, Sunday
  • February 3, Monday
  • February 6, Thursday
  • February 7, Friday
  • February 12, Wednesday
  • February 13, Thursday
  • February 14, Friday
  • February 15, Saturday
  • February 16, Wednesday
  • February 18, Tuesday
  • February 19, Wednesday
  • February 21, Friday
  • February 23, Sunday
  • February 25, Tuesday


March 2025 doesn’t provide the luxury of countless dates to choose from like in the first two months of the year. But if March is your month, then get your fastest fingers ready! Here are the Lagna Muhurta Dates. Let’s have a look at it:

Although less, but here are some dates in November.
  • March 1, Saturday
  • March 2, Sunday
  • March 6, Thursday
  • March 7, Friday
  • March 12, Wednesday


For a considerable amount of time, the charm of April has captured the attention of poets, writers, and musicians. Even though the Panchangam does not offer you many potential dates, as it did in 2024, we still need to take advantage of whatever is available.

Here are the April dates if you want to conduct your wedding after the financial year.
  • April 14, Monday
  • April 16, Wednesday
  • April 18, Friday
  • April 19, Saturday
  • April 20, Sunday
  • April 21, Monday
  • April 25, Friday
  • April 29, Tuesday
  • April 30, Wednesday


Would you like to see the month when you can fix your Muhurtham with various choices? MAY! Panchangam offers several dates practically every week in May. Isn’t that fun? So, let’s have a look at the dates here:

Plan your wedding in May as it offers several dates.
  • May 1, Thursday
  • May 5, Monday
  • May 6, Tuesday
  • May 8, Thursday
  • May 10, Saturday
  • May 15, Thursday
  • May 16, Friday
  • May 17, Saturday
  • May 18, Sunday
  • May 22, Thursday
  • May 23, Friday
  • May 24, Saturday
  • May 27, Tuesday
  • May 28, Wednesday


Be prepared to get a June spot shortly before the lucky time for marriages enters a dry phase until November. Thus, June dates are crucial if you’re not feeling like a winter bride.

Before you enter the dry phase tie the knot in June.
  • June 2, Monday
  • June 4, Wednesday
  • June 5, Thursday
  • June 7, Saturday
  • June 8, Sunday


There are no possible dates in July, August, September, and October, so use the November dates because many are available. So, do you want to have a look at it? Here they are for you:

After a long time, again, there are dates. So, utilize it well.
  • November 1, Saturday
  • November 5, Wednesday
  • November 6, Thursday
  • November 8, Saturday
  • November 10, Monday
  • November 15, Saturday
  • November 16, Sunday
  • November 17, Monday
  • November 18, Tuesday
  • November 22, Saturday
  • November 23, Sunday
  • November 24, Monday
  • November 27, Thursday
  • November 28, Friday


You have three beautiful December dates to choose from before we say goodbye to 2025. Celebrate love in the most fascinating way as the year ends! And continue the celebration (as a married couple) until 2026!

Finally, the year ends, giving you the opportunity to tie the knots.
  • December 4, Thursday
  • December 5, Friday
  • December 6, Saturday


So, here are the Lagna Muhurta dates for you. But you must always double-check with an astrologer and check your family traditions to find the most auspicious date for your wedding.

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