Do You Want To Know The Hindu Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2024?

A wedding is not just a celebration, it is the beginning of a new forever with your loved one. So, the date has to be auspicious! To make your wedding feel like a dream, brimming with joy and festivity, choose a season that will add some special elements to your auspicious day. Ready to start a new journey with your beloved? Read this article.

Find the auspicious Hindu wedding date in 2024.


Don’t let the festivities of the new year die down! Carry the spirit and embed it in your celebration of togetherness. When will you conduct your wedding in January? Here are the dates, let’s have a look:

Begin the celebration while you are still celebrating the New Year in January.
  • January 16, Tuesday
  • January 17, Friday
  • January 21, Sunday
  • January 22, Monday
  • January 27, Saturday
  • January 28, Sunday
  • January 30, Tuesday
  • January 31, Wednesday


Do you know how to make your Valentine’s Day memorable? Simple, you can choose February for the “happily ever after” with your beloved. We have the dates to help you. Do you want to check them out? Here they are for you:

Celebrate the season of love while tying the knot.
  • February 1, Thursday
  • February 2, Friday
  • February 4, Sunday
  • February 6, Tuesday
  • February 7, Wednesday
  • February 8, Thursday
  • February 12, Monday
  • February 14, Wednesday
  • February 18, Sunday
  • February 19, Monday
  • February 24, Saturday
  • February 25, Sunday
  • February 26, Monday
  • February 27, Tuesday
  • February 28, Wednesday


The romance continues in March, too! The slightly warm and comfortable weather is suitable for outdoor and indoor weddings. So, why not have a glance at the dates? Here they are, let’s have a look:

Let's celebrate your wedding in March. Here are the Hindu dates for you.
  • March 1, Friday
  • March 2, Saturday
  • March 3, Sunday
  • March 4, Monday
  • March 5, Tuesday
  • March 7, Thursday
  • March 11, Monday
  • March 12, Tuesday


Want a chance to add the vibe of soothing spring and warm summer? Then, choose an April day to tie the knot and make April scenery a remarkable part of your wedding album.

Add the vibe of soothing spring and warm summer in your wedding while you celebrate in April.
  • April 18, Thursday
  • April 19, Friday
  • April 20, Saturday
  • April 21, Sunday
  • April 22, Monday
  • April 24, Wednesday
  • April 25, Thursday
  • April 26, Friday
  • April 28, Sunday

May and June

There is no auspicious day for Hindu weddings in May and June.

Chill in May and June because no auspicious dates are there in these months.


Are you looking for a cozy wedding celebration in soothing monsoon weather? Then, July is the perfect match. Though the weather will be a bit wet, the marriage dates in July are suitable for an indoor wedding.

  • July 2, Tuesday
  • July 3, Wednesday
  • July 4, Thursday
  • July 9, Tuesday
  • July 11, Thursday
  • July 12, Friday
  • July 13, Saturday
  • July 14, Sunday
  • July 15, Monday

August, September, And October

Don’t feel disheartened by his three-month hiatus! You can go shopping and finish other tasks as a part of your wedding plan during this time.

Pamper yourself as there are no wedding dates in these three months.


In November, the lovely weather partners with the gorgeous nature, offering you the fantastic opportunity to find a good location for a destination wedding. So, get ready with your wedding planning!

Arranging your marriage in November? Here are the auspicious dates for you.
  • November 13, Wednesday
  • November 17, Sunday
  • November 18, Monday
  • November 22, Friday
  • November 23, Saturday
  • November 24, Sunday
  • November 25, Monday
  • November 26, Tuesday
  • November 28, Thursday
  • November 29, Friday


All’s well that ends! What can make a year more special than tying the knot with your partner? Select a wedding date in December to start 2025 with your love of life by your side.

Choose an auspicious date in December and conduct your wedding in the year end.
  • December 2, Monday
  • December 3, Tuesday
  • December 4, Wednesday
  • December 5, Thursday
  • December 10, Tuesday
  • December 11, Wednesday
  • December 13, Friday
  • December 14, Saturday


All the mentioned dates will help you choose a date, and if you want to find the most auspicious day astrology-wise, then it is better to contact a local priest who can find some dates based on the birth chart. Select the apt date to plan and enjoy your wedding preparation!

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