Do You Know The Telugu Pelli Muhurtham Dates in 2024?

Telugu weddings are more than just celebrating the togetherness of two lovers. It is a spectacular way of celebrating culture and tradition. If you are looking forward to tying the knot in 2024, it is time to find an auspicious  Pelli Muhurtham date. Don’t worry. We have got your back.

Let's have a look at the Pelli Muhurtham dates.

What Are The Pelli Muhurtham Dates?

Worried about Pelli Muhurtham dates in 2024? Here is a list.

So, do you want to know about the Pelli Muhurtham dates in 2024? Here is a list for you:


If you plan to tie knots in 2024, this January can be way more special than you think. No more resolutions for yourself only. It’s time to take some with your partner.

Let there be just one resolution, this January, tying the knot with your beau,
  • January 3, Wednesday
  • January 4, Thursday
  • January 5, Friday
  • January 6, Saturday
  • January 17, Wednesday
  • January 18, Thursday
  • January 28, Sunday
  • January 31, Wednesday


Love is in the air in February, and you can pour it into your celebration of togetherness by choosing a Pelli Muhurtham date in February. We have this date list ready, let’s have a look:

Promise to stay together this February.
  • February 1, Thursday
  • February 2, Friday
  • February 4, Sunday
  • February 14, Wednesday
  • February19, Monday
  • February 24, Saturday
  • February 26, Monday
  • February 28, Wednesday
  • February 29, Thursday


The Spring isn’t over yet, so the vibe of the season of love is not over yet. So, plan your wedding in this colorful season and month on the auspicious dates below:

Embrace Spring while celebrating your wedding in March.
  • March 1, Friday
  • March 2, Saturday
  • March 3, Sunday
  • March 4, Monday
  • March 5, Tuesday
  • March 6, Wednesday
  • March 7, Thursday
  • March 10, Sunday
  • March 11, Monday
  • March 12, Tuesday


In India, April is quite hot but charming. So, if you are planning an indoor or destination wedding, April will be a lovely choice. Are you worried about the dates? Here they are for you:

It's hot, but you can still celebrate your wedding in April.
  • April 18, Thursday
  • April 19, Friday
  • April 20, Saturday
  • April 21, Sunday
  • April 22, Monday
  • April 23, Tuesday
  • April 24, Wednesday
  • April 25, Thursday
  • April 26, Friday
  • April 28, Sunday
  • April 29, Monday
  • April 30, Tuesday


Sorry, we don't have any auspicious dates in May.

Oopsies! We are so sorry, but there are no Pelli Muhurtham dates in May.


You can celebrate your wedding only on June 29.

There is only one Pelli Muhurtham date this month, June 29. It is a Saturday, so if you want to conduct your wedding on a weekend for all your colleagues to join the party, you may consider this date. Remember to book the best planners and vendors for the day.


The wedding season will almost end in July because this is the last month before Chaturmas. Thus, it will be the perfect month for you if you want to tie the knot before the three-month gap.

You must celebrate wedding in July if you can't wait much.
  • July 9, Tuesday
  • July 11, Thursday
  • July 12, Friday
  • July 13, Saturday
  • July 14, Sunday
  • July 15, Monday

August to October

Sorry, no auspicious activities in the Chaturmas.

Sorry, brides and grooms, you have entered the Chaturmas. As you all know, from August to October, it is the Chaturmas. Therefore, you can’t have auspicious activities during these 3 months.


November is the time that combines both autumn and winter aesthetics. Choose a Pelli Muhurtham date in November. We have a list for you, let’s have a look:

Combine winter aesthetic when you celebrate winter in November.
  • November 12, Tuesday.
  • November 13, Wednesday
  • November 16, Saturday
  • November 17, Sunday
  • November 18, Monday
  • November 22, Friday
  • November 23, Saturday
  • November 25, Monday
  • November 26, Tuesday
  • November 27, Wednesday (Early morning)
  • November 28, Thursday
  • November 29, Friday


The vibrant December with nice weather and a festive feel will be perfect to start a new journey with your beloved. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have a look at the dates:

Celebrate your wedding in December on these auspicious dates.
  • December 4, Wednesday
  • December 5, Thursday
  • December 9, Monday
  • December 10, Tuesday
  • December 14, Saturday
  • December 15, Sunday (Early morning)


Finding the most auspicious date from these will be a smoother task. You can use this article as a guide to find the perfect date and start a new adventure with your beloved in 2024.

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